wr 400f timing chain

hey guys I am replacing a worn timing chain on my friends 99 wr400f. I have a timing chain from the last time i rebuild my 01 426 that i meshered and its still well within spec. Is this the same as the one on the older motor? Also the fly wheel on his bike looks much different than mine. it only has one dot on it at tdc. mine has some ignition marks shaped like an H, and a single line for tdc. when I put his motor at tdc bolt cams seem to be a tooth advanced. The exhaust is 2 teeth out because it is yz timed. he got this bike a year ago. I started making an excesive amount of noise from the top end. all valves are in. but the chain an guides are worn. chain was lose. Can any one with the wr of the same yr confirm what the timing marks look like? I am woundering if this bike has some sort of after market fly wheel. I have not had the fly wheel off yet so it may have a sheared key, it just seemss strange that the exauhst valves didnt get into the piston considering how far out the ex cam is.

founhd my anser the fly wheel had a zip ty fly wheel weight bolted on top of the existing fly wheel.

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