2000 YZ426f questions

Hi guys i hope this is in right place im new to here i have some question about the 2000 yz426f I been doing alot research about this bike but i just want make sure what I read is right.

I may get one very soon (as soon as my old truck sells which should be in 2 days at most)

First i read alot about the clutches on this bike some like to kinda go boom tearing the bottomend out from what i resreach and parts diagrams ive seen Will a 2001 clutch basket fit on 2000 model the numbers are same.

Also i read about starting issuse cause of the starting order you have do and since I mosty trail ride im kinda worry about it but the hot cams exhast with decommpersion will take most of that away from what i read.

Ive read that relibity on this bikes with proper maintence is great and thats one thing I must have since summer I ride almost everyday if weather is nice (where i live i have about 5 acres of land ride on) so i know cause of how much i ride ill have increase oil changes vavles cheacks and air filter cleaning

Also this is my biggest concer by far im almost 6 foot but im 140 lbs (but i have 16 years riding under my belt) my last bike was a 1993 rm250 and theres only about 30 lbs wieght differance between bikes and power if very close. But im worry about starting on hill or a trail due my lack of wieght but really i dont think be issuse since from what i read the yz426 is lower by almost 3inches (this is ground clearnence) then my old rm250

Any advice be helpful or suggestion

I have a 2002 yz426f and would like to start by saying it is a great bike.

I don't have specific experience with swapping clutches between years but if the part numbers are the same then they will likely fit, you could call a yamaha dealer for verification on this.

There is certainly a procedure you have to follow to start the bike, but once you get the hang of it, it is easy. My bike usually starts first or second kick, cold. A decompression cam will solve this, but for me I prefer the decomp lever because very few people can start my bike without knowing the procedure, so it is a little extra security I suppose. Also adding a kickstand so you can stand on the pegs to start the bike made it much easier to start, especially on the trail when you are away from your stand.

reliability is great, just do oil changes, valve checks, and keep the air filter clean and you will be fine. My valves haven't needed adjustment since the original adjustment after break in (according to the PO). It is more maintenance than a 2 smoker but i believe it is well worth it.

I am 6ft, 160 lbs and I don't think you will have a problem with the size, I can sit with flat feet on both sides on level ground and the bike doesn't seem any heavier than my old yz250 by seat of the pants feel. Also, I've never had any problems on the trails here in Colorado and the 4stroke is much easier than a 2smoker to get started on a hill in my opinion.

I have agree on 2 stroke starting both of my 2 strokes where a pain in ass start (the rm took 20 kicks for it start some times) and the 2 fourstrokes ive own 2000 xr 100 and a 1983 dr250 started on first kick every time (in fact i would still be ridding the dr 250 but the CDI box went out and i dont want put 500 in a bike that so old)

I love 2 stroke power but i love 4strokes controlable power even more

And a link to bike im looking at


good clean looking bike for most part, but from finally getting my 426 started, i would say that kick starting it is not harder then my yz450f, difference is, is you take a extra 10 secs each time to starting it because theres a certain way to start it, unlike my 06 450 i just kcik and kick and kick, except it usually starts always on 1st kick if not 2nd, so the 426 you cant kick kick and kick you got to set the bike up right, like i guess at TDC then give it 1 hard kick and if it dont start, repeat, back to tdc then give it a hard kick until she starts,

but so far none the less a good bike, and i see on ebay for parts like valves its nice and cheap, so i think parts should be cheap which is good and i do read these are a very reliable bike

this is my second yammi -I used to have a nice 99 WR400- now I have a 2001 YZ426 and I think its the best bargain thumper out there..I was looking for a CR500 or a KX500 but they are getting older and rarer these days and people seem to know them now so -imo -these bikes are the next best thing to them ..the starting thing [whatever] ISNT so bad.. I used to own a 93 DR650s -that pig was a bitch to start compared to these..lots of parts availiable and reliable[ if you stay on the maintenance]you cant go wrong...good luck ..

Thx guys alot i was already kinda set on this bike and i talk buyer of truck said most likly he'll get it tomarrow so hopfuly ill beable get bike in couple days

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