Decomp lever free play after valve adjustment

I seem to have more free play in the decomp cable now after doing a valve adj. The exhaust cam was removed during the process. Is this normal, or am I crazy? (no need to answer the 2nd question!!)

It depends, and obviously, to answer both. :thumbsup:

IF you reduced the shim size under the right side exhaust bucket, you will have gained clearance in the decomp linkage because the lifter will have moved down away from the lever in the head. I wouldn't think that it would be a very large difference however, unless you made a massive change in the shim size.

Not a massive change, just 2 shim sizes. When I was trying to start the bike (after a long winter), the decomp lever felt the same. Then it suddenly had a lot of free play, but still worked ok. Maybe the mechanism was just caked with dirt and got freed up a little when I removed/reinstalled to get the cam out......

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