Almost done restoring my 94 CR250 (finally!)

Finally after a year of being lazy I got off my ass and got all new plastics and seat cover installed on my 94 CR250. I have a set of retro 1995 team graphics I got from Throttle Jockey, but I am too afraid to install them myself because they were expensive!

Here she is as of right now 90% complete restoration.


Nice job! I hope my restoration project bike looks as nice as that when I'm done.

Looking good! :thumbsup:

Real nice. I loved my 94 CR250.

Dang! that bike is a beauty.

Ok I need some help here, I can't decide whether or not I want to put these graphics on. I think it looks pretty good without them. What you y'all think?


I like it more without them

What's behind your 94', an 86' cr125/250?

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Its an 87 CR125, another restore project I am going to start on soon. :thumbsup:

Nicely Done!!!

I would skip the tank graphics but install the shroud graphics along with maybe some yellow or black number plate backgrounds.

Since I am a fan of the 800 collect graphics, i say keep them.

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