2010 engine porting

I own a 2010 yz450. I am thinking about doing engine mods. Want to get the most out of it i can. Who has had this work done and who done it for you. And are you satisfied with the power. Im wanting to kind of boost the bottom to mid range of the bike

Didn't have the head ported exactly. Bought the GYTR head. Overall, can't say it added any more on the bottom end of the power range by itself. It seems to have helped the mid and top part of the RPM range. Just keeps pulling and pulling. I would say adding a high compression piston helps more with the low end. Put them both together and it screams!!

gtyr head with 13.5 piston or( 14:1 which I have) ,both are strong ,the 14:1 with crower cams is my current setup.The crower cams are stronger off the bottom &middle,gtyr cams upper middle and top.I've run both cams and like the crowers better all round,on tight tracks the gtyr cams are hard to manage if your not careful which I'm not.Sandy outdoor track it's a toss-up.If you like a hit,14:1 piston& gtyr cams,the 13.5 piston you can sort of run pump gas if you want, not as hard of hit in the upper middle.

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