00 yz426f metalic pinging/knock, sounds around kickstart?

update: read 2nd reply, thanks!

hi, so yeah great, another yz426 thread started by me :thumbsup: , but any howw, so today letting it idle more and stuff it started to make a metallic pinging once warmed up, which i would asociate with knocking,

now then i checked the oil and the oil drips like its water its so thin, i dont think ive had oil thats this thin? and i put 0w 30 synthetic in my snowmobile and its not even THAT thin!, this stuff i would say its like water maybe a bit thicker, and it is oil you can feel it has lubricating properties but its thin, i pull my dipper stick out and its all dripping off it and running off it as soon as i pull it off as if i dipped it in water,

so, can real thin oil cause this? i know my 06 yz450f when i got the motor pretty darn hot or the hotest ive ever gotten it, i was going up some real slow riding through a tough horse trail and i could hear it starting to knock or make a bit of pinging noise, probably from being so hot and oil getting much thinner i would imagine

so im just wondering if i should assume its knock and it needs a new crank/piston or could it be that its the oil which is the thinnest stuff i've ever seen?, Thanks again!

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i replaced oil, and whilst doing that i noticed that either a: guy never looked at oil filter, or B: its bad, and by that there was alot of black crap and shavings at the back of the filter, big blob, and using brake cleaner to thin it out it appears to be a mixture of lots of shavings and sand mainly, and a little bit of like grass or hay in the mix all shredded up,

ALSO the PINGING! it appears to be coming from around the clutch/kick start area, not up forward near the crank/piston, of course sounds can travel and resonate through metals more so then other spots. Does anybody know what it could be? its basically sounds the loudest right back where the kick start is,

engine wise the bike seems good, leave it sitting over night, 2nd kick fires up, leave sitting for 5 hrs, 1st kick she starts up and valves where in spec also, hmm.......

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