Newbie Yamaha YZ400F help

A correctly configured idle circuit is critical for good consistent starting, especially for a YZ426. "All stock settings" only works on certain year models at certain elevations. The 2000 model had jetting that was pretty well off the mark for most people, for example, while the '02 was better. All the '06's came with pilot jets that were at least a size too small to run right except near sea level, if that. So it varies.

Besides, other than jetting, there aren't any settings to set, really.

i struggle with the decompression lever i can only use my thumb on it and kills to use so i usually just kick it with choke on and fires up after 5 to 10 kicks but it is hard im only 15 you should be able to do it easy

You only pull the comp release for a few seconds while you position the crank. Watch the videos on the first page of the thread.

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