Tank #2

Well gas tank #2 cracked today, sitting on the line for motos 3&4 I could smell gas, but I ignored it till the end of the day. At the end of the day I could see gas dripping down on the carb. The first time my tank cracked Yamaha replaced it for free, when I said to the parts guy "hey, this is the same tank what happens when it cracks" he told me return it we'll replace it aswell,,, well I wonder if he's going to remember what he said,,,I'll find out Tuesday.


Did both tanks crack at a seam? Being the owner of a '00, I keep checking for cracks and have been lucky so far.

They wouldn't stand behind their product for me. I was so pissed I went out and ordered a Honda CRF.


'92 GSXR 7/11 - 4 sale, click link

'99 YZ400F - New pics!

'02 Honda CR450F


Well I still have a deposit on a CRF450, I haven't got over to the Red shop to get my money back. Maybe if Yamaha doesn't stand behind it I might get my deposit back from the 02-YZ250F instead,why would I want to go through it again.


This morning I removed the tank and just as I thought the tank had stress cracks in the "same exact spot" as the first tank. In the rear of the tank where it goes over the main frame rail, 2 cracks on each side one 3/4 inch long the other 1/2 inch long. The cracks dont leak, they weep gas unless pressure is applied to the tank, thats why sitting forward on the tank waiting for the gate to drop is when im smelling gas, then of course after the moto is when the most gas was present due to all the shaking and jarring. It appears the seat resting on the back of tank keeps pressure on each side of the tank, making it flex at that point causing the stress cracks. Well tomarrow I'll find out if I get a run around or if Yamaha will stand behind ther equipment.


Man Yamaha has to be the best! I walked in with the tank explained that this was the second tank and that it has cracked in the exact same spot, and they're ordering me a new one, no BS, no BLAA BLAA BLAA, all that was said we'll get you one in here as fast as we can, WoooooooooHoooooooo no doubt about it,the new 02 YZ-250F will be sitting next to it big brother in a short while, and Im a yamafan for life now. To tell you the truth I was a KTM fan but I couldn't get my hands on a 400SX in 00, so I bought the 426 kind of at the last min. thing, I never really liked Yam before or ever, so it kind of shocked me that I bought the bike, but im a yamafan now the bike has run great handled great and I know they stand behind there product. With a 426 & and shortly a 02 250F in the garage it looks like I'll be blue for alongggggggg time.


Doug, a little freebie and good customer support has a way of perking you up, eh?

You described the problem perfectly. It is caused by rider weight flexing the top of the tank, making the rear edge of the tank flex like a hinge. It doesn't like that. It's a design flaw that Yamaha is well aware of, but I guess they figure it's cheaper to just mold up new tanks than to make a new mold. Maybe in '03 they will redo the bodywork on the F's.

I wonder if the new Clarke tanks will fare any better.

It is amazing that my 195lb frame has not cracked my tank yet, especially after some of the landings Ive had.......ouch!

ummmmmmm I dont know if I would call it a freebee, but I do know now they'll stand behind what they sell and that really pleases me, so I have no problems getting the 250F,,, LOL After riding one I would have got the 250F anyway, even with the chance of a leaky tank, so ignore my lil outburst.

I was looking at my tank and thinking back to my last KTM, they screwed the shrouds right into the tank via sheetmetal screws, no inserts, so I was wondering if screwing a alum. plate to the back of the tank might be a way of stopping the stress cracks, even if the plate bent, that wouldn't be a problem it would at least stop the constant flexing ,,,,penny for your thoughts.


Nah, it would seep for sure. And if a screw came loose, you would have a crotch fire. :) A plate wouldn't stop the flexing, because it flexes in the corner where they crack. The only fix is thicker plastic in the corner, or a bigger radius. I hope Clarke took that into account when they made their replica tank.

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Yamaha stands behind they're products

The replacement tank w/graphics came in yesterday so I picked it up today. This time they gave me a 01 tank and it feel stiffer in the rear than the old tanks 99 & 00. Again no BS no blaa blaa blaa just great service,,,Again thanks Yamaha


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