2010-12 chain slider wear

my 2012 yz450f chain slider seems to be wearing out really fast. i have 13.7 hours on the bike and the chain sits so far down that the pin ends are rubbing the top of the slider. i dont ride in sand, i always keep my chain adjusted and lubed (bel ray super clean lube). i have never had a chain slider wear out ever. has anyone else had this problem.

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my 2010 has not had this problem buy the kx450's do in less time that yours

Yeah, I have went threw one on my 11. R3 renthal chain, gold wore from the roller down on the 2nd ride, so I put an aftermarket one on. Not sure why it is doing this but there cheap enough.

Are you running a 13 tooth front sprocket, mine is still ok after 35 hours.

I have 120 hrs on my 2010, and no problem...must be more to this story...

I'm running a 13 front and the first 10 hours had a 50 tooth rear but now back to 48. This is the whole story. Wonder if its the lube its kinda pasty

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