Little aluminum collars that go in the shrouds?

I'm looking for replacement collars that go in the plastics when you mount them.... I'vev looked on ebay, rockymountainatvmc, and I'm not having much luck.... what are they actually called and where is the best place to look for them???

You can also check with you local dealer if there set up through Tucker Rocky. That catolog has a complete body bolt kit for most makes/models. They actually come with all the collars as well as the bolts. I would assume Parts Unlimited would carry the same or simaler. The whole kit was around $20.00. I know ordering OEM from a microfiche can sometimes get a little pricey for those small parts.

Thanks for the replies!! I looked on the oem stuff and didn't find them maybe I didn't spend enough time searching! Thank you again.

Some of the collars are listed, and some aren't. Seems to depend on the fiche you look at. For the '07 -'09 (since we don't know what year yours is :thumbsup: ), here's the list:

Shroud collars, round: 5TA-21749-00-00 ** ** See THIS POST

Shroud collars, oval: 5XC-21749-00-00 **

Front fender: 90387-06090-00

Rear fender upper: 90201-06032-00

Rear fender lower: 90201-06571-00

Side number plate lower: 90387-06009-00

Side number plate upper: 5BE-21749-00-00

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Thanks gray. What I meant to say is before I started tthis topic I must not have spent enough time. That and I'm not using a real computer, this is a tablet, (my real one died) some stuff is a little hard to view on this. Thank you for doing the leg work gray!!!

Oh and my bike is a 2006 YZ450f. I kept on totally forgetting to add that.

So I guessed right... :thumbsup:

Oh and my bike is a 2006 YZ450f. I kept on totally forgetting to add that.

I just noticed something while working on my bike that I thought I remembered when I looked up the part numbers. Mine is an '06 also, and a fairly early one (VIN below #4000). The T-washer/collars are distributed differently on my bike than on the fiche for the '07-'09. The '06 fiche fails to call them out. The source is Yamaha's site.

The fiche calls for 2 of the 5TA's, which I think are the round ones, and 2 of the 5XC (oval, guessing) on each side. On my bike, there is 1 round collar at the rear corner, 2 oval collars that are 22mm long, at the radiators and under the seat, and another oval at the front/top that's 27mm long. I'd feel safer looking at a later one to reconcile that before I ordered.

That's what I ran into. When looked at the fiche before I created this post.

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