Which Sprockets

I seem to be having trouble with the life of my sprockets and am wanting some ideas on the longevity of sprockets being used for MX.

I got the best life out of the stock Sunstar, the others make about 2 months before they curl.

I am thinking of going to a regular carbon steel sprocket just so it will last, please give me your experiences with the sprockets you all have used.

Thanks, Jason

01 426

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Hey Jason,

I got my bike in Nov. 15 00 and my stock sprocket was worn out by the beginning of Feb. 01'! I replaced it with the same thing as stock but the steel model...and it wears alot better than the aluminum! I probably have another 2 months on this sprocket and then I will buy another Sunstar steel one! I got both the countershaft sprocket and rear steel sprocket for $45! You cant beat that kind of deal...unless you are a weight savings freak!



I get my kicks on a 426!

Motoman393's MX Site

Krause is supposed to have a sprocket thet will out last the many chains and even the bike.

Search your internet browser using Krause racing or sidewinder.



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What kind of chain do you run? In my experience the better the chain, the longer the sprockets last. I left the stock stuff on my ’01 and noticed how quickly the rear became hooked, way less than ten hours. On the same sprocket I can get like 40 with a Regina o-ring.

I usually change out everything as a set, but sometimes I will not replace the countershaft sprocket. But if your rear is hooked, then your chain has probably had it as well.

I’m always willing to spend the extra $$ ( :) ) on my bike for aluminum , but the hot setup may be steel sprockets and a good o-ring chain.

BTW I have tried a Krause stainless, it did last a long time, it may be the only sprocket that can last as long as my favorite o-ring chain, but I kind of doubt it is really worth the extra money vs. normal steel. Of course, I happily fork out almost seventy bucks for fancy aluminum ones...

I've had wonderful luck with the sidewinder sprockets in the past. They have (had?) a matching chain too but I never tried it. Like Hick I have also noticed that a bad (cheap) chain which wears quickly will eat your sprockets along with it.

I replaced my sprockets and chain before I put one minute on my 2000. I put Talon groovelite sprockets on and a DID x-ring chain. I've got at least 50 hours on the bike with no discernable wear. I'm only a C class rider(MX)though so I'm sure I don't abuse mine like most will. About a third of those hours are eastern woods with lots of mud also.


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i run a did o ring chain with steel sprockets and they look like new after more the 200 hours on my 2000 ...

I run the DID x-ring.

The hot ticket is definitely a high quality O-ring chain and steel sprockets. I have been running this setup for a long time and always get excellent life span out of both. A Regina O-ring should last 2-3 sets of good steel sprockets. Before I switched to four strokes ('01 426) I had a 96 KX 250. I wore out the stock chain within a few hours and the stock sprockets and another cheap chain within a few more hours. On a friends good advice I put on steel (OEM) sprockets and a Regina chain. I sold that bike last year with the Regina chain still going strong. This bike saw a lot of hard miles in the 5 years I had it (lots of X-country and some MX). It lasted through 3 sets of sprockets.

I've heard that you can take a well worn Regina, lay it on it's side and it has less of an arc than a brand new Tsubaki or RK O-ring.

I have some input about Krause Racing sprockets...... I got the Stainless rear sprocket, Stainless chain combo when it first came out. Krause racing is close to home, I needed a chain/sprocket set quick...... anyway the chain and rear sprocket seem to be holding up pretty good. Almost a full season so far, however stay away from the front sprockets. They wear out fast!! I used 1 Sunstar for a chain and a half and the krause one lasted about 10 rides. Hooking to the point where it was pulling the chain around with it, until it hit the chain buffer. Of course destroying it. I would never had guessed it would have worn out so fast. The stainless rear is holding up fine. Still overpriced.

Fork out the extra bucks for a high quality O-Ring chain and a good set of sprockets.

It should last you a good 6-9 months depending on how often you race/ride.

Also, cleaning and maintaining your chain is paramount.

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