Cr style brake line

Could some one give me some inight as to how the set up and run a CR style front brake line on a 2003 WR450. I can't seem to figure out how to mount a clamp to hold the line on the fork guard. Also will the fork guard giude interfear and snag the brake line (the way it goes around the inside of the fork) durring compression of the suspension?

Buy the '06 WR fork guard, as it's already got the CR style routing/mounting method built into it. Maniac

The 06 fork guards will work on the 03? I guess I will have to go with that then. Thanks.

Good question! I own an '06, so I don't know where the mounting lugs on the '03 forks are, but the '06 fork guard has the correct mounting for the hose anyhow. Does anyone else know the answer on whether or not the '06 fork guard will mount to the '03?


I bougt the tusk one from Rocky Mountain. It is made by Galfer and it is CR style. It goes on and is plenty long to clear headlight. Just don't feel comfortable running it without some way to clamp it to the fork guard. The way it is routed it looks like the little L shaped fork guard giude on the inside of the forks might snag the line when the forks are running through their travel. Saw the Ride Engineering clamp and it looks like it will do it's job, but I think the brake line needs to be held out over the guard not rite on it so that it doesn't snag the shaped guide. Not really sure though.

Hmm yea, I was looking at mine tonight and I agree the guard guide would probably snag the line or at least wear it seriously. Also seems scary to start shoving brake line out into open air.

What about cutting the L shape thingy off? Seems a bit overkill as the guard has three bolts holding it on at the bottom. Most bikes just have a plastic bushing to keep the guard from wearing the upper tubes and no guide built into it. Just a thought and since my forks are out for service I cant see the parts in action.

I did a search and a few posts said that you could just cut the L thing off and that would work just fine. I think I am going to get the 06 fork guards and clamp and go from there.

Cool! Please let me know how the 06 guides work out. Getting excited to change my brake hose over now..

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