I jumped in the sidekick today, and traveled to Ellensburg, about 60 mi, Checked the South Fork Manashstash creek road, it was gated (new gate) about 1.5 miles after it turned to gravel. Checked Robinson Canyon, also gated and posted, to protect water quality and elk. checked Joe Watt canyon, elk gates were locked and posted, Drove around to Wenas Valley, Also posted, NOT gated, sign said closed from Dec 31 to May 1, so I assume all will be opened up around the first of May. The new gate at Manashstash creek road concerns me a little?

better get used to it, it's the way things are going because motorized user groups can't get together and organize to fight them. It's always the dirtbikers don't like the quads, who don't like the jeepers, who don't like dirtbikes.....etc. etc. We need to get together as ONE group, ONE voice and fight these closures or they will continue. Wait till you see that the Naches Ranger Dist. wants to do. The USFS in general wants to close down the mountains to ALL users eventually. The are even beginning to go after horses and you know that the motorized users are all but done.

Uhhhhhhh...we DO have a ONE voice group. you should help the effort,


UUUhhhh, we do Joe???? why is there so many different clubs? Like jeep clubs, atv clubs, bike clubs instead of one BIG club of motorized users? Why is there wohva, and blue ribbon, and many other groups instead of one BIG group? And as far as "helping the effort", I am and have been a member of many clubs, organisations and groups for the last 30 years. I attend all of the TWIG meetings, I attend the DNR recreation meetings, I volunteer to maintain trails, I participate in fund raisers, so don't talk to me about helping. If "we" as motorized user, meaning ALL groups, clubs, organization etc. could get together, both financially and with the same agenda, "we" could accomplish a lot more including stopping these closures.

WOHVA is just that all user groups, We are members from all motorized groups with wheels and with one voice.

WOHVA is just that all user groups, We are members from all motorized groups with wheels and with one voice.

All of the OHVAs from each state need to form a national organization bigger than the AMA that becomes a formidable foe to all future federal land closures.

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