Handle Bar Suspension?

Ok so ive heard of many different things on different types of mods to help vibration in the hands arms etc. Im not really to interested in the steering dampner but i do want to know if the fast fleex or the shock and vibe bar mounts are any good. I know these are both expensive items but would it be too much to get them both. And by too much i mean will there me so much play in the bars it just wont be comfortable. Has anyone had any expeirences with these items or are there any other products that have the same function. Thanks in advance.

Just fill the bars with silicon rubber, it works well, cost almost nothing

conventional methods help, but you will not be satisfied. We use these are out kids race quads and bikes...


Especially the ones on the Apex 90 cut down the vibration a ton load.... My daughter could hardly finish a race due to vibration, now top five in the pack, just with these...

They are cheaper that the bars, and they are rebuilable and tuneable. The thing that I like is the bars can flex independantly and give you an odd bar feeling. The precision bar mounts let you mount any bar and stay level... Check them out, you will thank me latter, then you can buy me a set for my CR500AF when you thank me...

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