YZ250f Engine oil?

Im buying my first 4 stroke soon. A 2007 YZ250F. I rode one last week and it felt like it was made for me.. I had way to much on it, considering the bike was my buddies.. and I was supposed to be just "test riding' it. haha

Anyway Im curious as to what others are using for oil, what weight oil, and what is OK to use.. and how often do I really need to change it? Is every 10 hours often enough? Also, when doing an oil change.. how much oil do I need, and does the filter need to be replaced every oil change as well?

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Im currently running Valvoline 4t 15w50 in my 04 250f but im gonna switch to Rotella as soon as I run out of this. There are massive amounts of threads on this. Do a search and it will keep you busy for a few months reading. I change my oil every 4 hours. 10 is probably stretching it.


and thanks for NOT reading the forum faq!

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