How far can my 2011 YZ 450F go on a full tank?

I never owned an MX bike before. My last bike was a DRZ 400 that ran all day on a full tank. I do trail riding.... 2nd/3rd gear.. nothing really slow. Can i go 20 to 25 miles on a tank under those conditions?

It's usually safe to figure on 20-25 mpg, but "your mileage may vary".

im sure the fuel injection gets better over the carb'd, how much i guess depends on tuning, i know i went about 120 km's on my 450 taking it easy though, 5th gear putting along, used up about 4.5 liters out of 7 is what the tank is supposed to hold?

i did 40 miles in a mixed terrain desert race. single track mixed with wide open 5th gear

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