Bars spacer - lower front end

Does anyone know of any manufacturer of spacers to raise the handlebars just a little extra, I'm a bit of a short arse.

preferably in the UK, but any info is appreciated. I have looked into milling up a pair, but want to check I'm not wasting my time with a complex milling operation to find them readilly available.



c'mon derek!

the french call us a nation of shop keepers & i've managed to persuade the yanks that we're a nation of engineering geniuses!

one on every street corner. look up the yellow pages for the guy with the smallest advert. visit your local pub!

just pull an original clamp off & they'll do a copy of it's footprint.

good luck!


I was kinda hoping somebody would tell me that some indian company knocks them out at £2 each.... wishfull thinking I suppose.

Milling out a male/female spacer in that 'omega' profile looks a bit tricky, getting a good tolerance could be time consuming.

Did you make yours Taffy?

i asked my man simon which cnc mill he'd used & he said that he'd finished it all off with a file!

to stop them spinning you could drill a hole up through the plate into the clamp & put one of those allen screws that looks like a 'slug' in. the one's that are 100% thread.

if you're crude like me you can get a cold chisel & make a burr at the interface which would also stop it rotating.

mine did cost £2. but i think he'd give you a liverpool kiss if you called him an indian!


Cheers Taffy.... I might have a crack at making them up, I did think it would be less complicated to finish them off by hand...... but reminds me too much of my apprentice days.

I'm a powertool man these days :)

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