Foot peg mod

I love this website. I read on hear about the footpeg mod and so this morning I did it. Only took about 45 minutes. Pretty easy. I took the bike for a quick ride in the neighborhood and it feels much nicer. I would have never thought to do it myself. That's why I love this site!!


Did you move your brake/shifter lower as well? I've heard that it needs to be done as well.

The only reason I haven't done this mod is because I don't want to move those lower and closer to rocks/roots/whatever might grab them more easily.

Any thoughts guys?

Yes... I did move the brake and shifter down. I think the liability of moving the pegs closer to the ground will be more than made up by the benifit of being able to stand more upright with the handlebars relatively farther away.

By the way... I was looking on the thumper racing website. They supposedly make a universal clamp that raises your bars and pushes them forward, however, I didn't see it anywhere on their website. Anyone have any info?? costs???


I did the mod too. Great tip. I feel like I can get in and out of a turn a lot hotter. No probs with the lower clearance. I didn't move my shifter, it felt right as the rain. Must've been too low to begin with.

Thanks for the tips...

help me out here. im 6-3 and have a tall seat/pro tapers. to keep my feet out of rocks and ruts i like to stand up alot to keep my toes even higher. i cant imagine wanting to lower my feet to have the chance of breaking my foot like my friend did(in a deep rut). if we are taller we have longer legs, but we also have longer arms that can reach farther to the bars. and if we want good control we will stand up anyway which makes the distance from the pegs to the seat academic. but guess i could see where it would help is in motocross. :)

It's not the distance from the seat to the pegs, but rather from the pegs to the bars that matters here. Even with CR highs, and an added 3/4" rise from the adapters, my bars felt too low, and too far back. Moving the pegs down and back 3/4" is just like moving the bars up and forward 3/4" while standing. Make sense? If you felt it, it would...

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