WR450 suspension question

I rode my WR450 in my first desert race yesterday, The FRT Superstition 250 in Plaster City. I rode as a team with a friend, who rode his XR650. We did very well and won first in our category. I've never ridden my WR450 so aggressively before and noticed that I bottomed out several times and had a few instances where my back end would swing to the left or right (on fast speeds through the whoops). Some others who watched me and another friend say that I need major suspension work since I'm too heavy (about 200 pounds) for the stock suspension. Has anyone had a similar experience with their WR450 and what did you do to correct? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

i set the sag at 3.5 and the bouncing around in the whoops disappeared, it scared my buddy shi%less when he was behind me, i would defenitely go to a higher spring, im 175 with gear and the spring is almost too soft for me, i might go to the stock yz spring, also invest in a race tech kit, this is the other half of the power equation :):D

Just changing the springs front and rear, and adjusting the clickers will make a big differance. Find somebody that really knows how to set up a bike and make them your friend.

I'm 197# before gear. My front didn't feel bad after messing with the clickers, but the rear was pretty unstable. Way too soft and slow. Chad at ESP revalved the front and rear with what he called a "two stage system" and he put a heavier spring on the rear. Different oil of course. Anyway, the front feels slightly better (it was good already) and the rear is remarkably better. I can eat rocks, roots, shelves, whoops--you name it. I ride pretty agressive. Check them out. I've got a number if you want it.


That would be great if you could provide their number. Thanks!

Chad at ESP: 818.951.9144

He'll take good care of you.

Good luck,


There is a great article in Dirt Bike on the ESP suspension mods -- it in the Thumper Racing 470FS article in the July 2003

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