Wr450f tires for street?

What are some good street tires. It will be 100% street. Can't afford 17" wheels yet so I need some

Rubber for my stock wheels. What's everyone running for strictly street?

I've got Avon Gripsters on mine, bought my WR with them. But I looked for them and can't find them in a 18" rear anymore. On the Avon website it only shows 17" wheel ones.

On my old WR400 I ran the Maxxis M6006's and really liked them, worked well on the road and wore surprisingly well. And they dirt well off road as well.

I like those avons but I didnt see an 18" either. What you guys think about the mt43 trials tire? I guess I will be doing a lil dirt riding too. Not to much though. What front tire would you run with the mt43 in the rear.

In the past, I've used the Pirelli MT21's front and rear, and really liked them. They work pretty darn well off-road too!


mt43 is like glue

Whats a good front tire to go with the mt43 for mainly street use?


I'm getting an mt43 for the rear it got good reviews

I am a complete newbie to running a trail bike on road, and at the moment I'm looking at getting an '05 wr450f. And I'm looking at all the possible tyres to use on road-just curious as to the size you'd choose for a stock standard rim? So 80/100-21 on the front and 110/110-18 on the back?

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