Aftermarket clutch levers for lighter pull

What have you tried on the WR to lighten the clutch pull on '07 - '11 model.

Lubricating the cable

Re-routing the cable so it does not get pinched

If you change the levers ratio, it will pull in easier, but you will have to pull it farther.

The WR clutch is about as light as they come......unless it's a KTM.

What have you tried on the WR to lighten the clutch pull on '07 - '11 model.

It's already easy to pull. My mom can pull it, so can you :thumbsup:

I was thinking about the MSR Raptor. I used it on my old ass 2 stroke and thought it worked

great, it never presented an issue and made the clutch much easier to use and control.

I did a search before in the wr and other fourms and saw several horror storys of them strippping out.

From what I read you have to use a YZ450 cable to take up the space of the missing clutch switch.

I will be ordering one soon , I hope but ....I got other fish to fry, like an 07 headlight , Moose foot pegs,

and the list just keeps getting longer :thumbsup: .

I am goona try one forsure on my WR .

Navaho6, Follow the clutch cable down to where it ends at the clutch actuating lever. The lever has a small bend in it. I remove the lever, and take the bend out of the lever by either using a vise, or hammering it straight. Then reinstall. This slightly lengthens the lever, giving you a slightly easier clutch pull. Of course, a new, properly routed clutch cable helps too. As does a Reqluse auto clutch!!!!!


Thanks for the suggestions. Has anyone tried an aftermarket clutch cable like a Motion Pro T3? (Edit - just ordered one, so I'll know soon. Part # 05-3002)

I will do the free mod on the lever like I did on my '06 (2nd slot for cable end). I have to disagree about the pull being light but it is all relative. KTM hydraulic clutches are the definition of a "light clutch pull" - about 25% less effort than my '09 WR.

I was at the Yami dealer last week. The 2012 YZ's have a much ligther pull than the 2012 WR450. I wonder what the difference maker is?

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Maybe the clutch actuating lever is longer on the YZ. Maybe that part will cross over to WR?

i've been using the msr raptor on the easy pull setting....

had to use a yz cable to make it work.

love it, extremely light lever pull. not a big deal, unless you're on hour 4 of an enduro - which is where the most technical stuff is always thrown in for good measure.

switched to the new style magura hydraulic kit on my WR..would never go back to a cable.. It even comes with a folding lever!

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