Which Triple Clamp?

I'm looking on scotts combo Triple Clamp with demper and Pro Rapers, or renthal bar. I want to be able to put my bar forward a bit. Also there are some Triple Clamps that have rubber insearts on the bar connectors (?) to absorbe some vibrations. Which is better? Is another brand tripple clamp much better than scotts?

Thnaks for any advices on this subject!!!

C'mon fellas, are you all running stock tripple clamps with scott demper? Tell me which brand and why?

I've got the Scott's TC and Pastrana freestyle bars. They're pretty tall, although a little more height would be nice.

Checked out your pics. Looks like a lot of fun. It's early morning here, so probably see some posts in the next few hours.

Sabin, I have the Scotts combo on my bike, it works great, however I rode a friends YZ450f that had an ajustable "Pro-taper" top clamp, I was instantly hooked. He had his bars positioned forward 1/2" that really helped me out. I love to have the bars out of my way and high, I feel it gives me more control and helps me out when I stand up. The only problem with the PT adjustabale top clamp is that the Scotts Dampner won't fit.. I've called PT to ask it they were gonna make some special mount and they said they're working on it.

GPR now sells the combo, I think they're a bit less too, and they come in all different colors.. They're not adjustable either....

Here's a pic. Kind of hard to see...




I just ordered one today, so I can't give you a report on it yet. It comes with a two postion top clamp and bar clamps for oversized bars with a dampener mount for either Scotts or GPR. I belive you can only use the closest position with a dampener though. It costs $174.95 US. After looking at several top clamps this seems to be the best deal for what you get.

Thanks fellas for the help!

Sabin- You might call Scotts and talk to them. The Scotts bar mounts can be turned around to move the bar forward, but if you want to mount them that way with the damper, you need to let them know, I think they have a different top piece(bar clamp/damper mount) that they can send with the kit for this set up. :)

Try BRP. Great guys good pricing.

BRP :)

I also have a BRP TC with the GPR stab and really like the combo.

The DH1 clamp showed up yesterday and I installed it. I am very happy with the quality, very nice piece. The postion was set for my height and the bar clamp that came with it sets the stabilizer in the proper place. To move the bar clamps to a different position would require me to order a different stabilizer mount.

I talked to Scotts a couple of days ago to see if they have an off-set post for clamps with different positions.. They said they're working on it but do not have anything yet.

This is the first time that I've heard that the GPR has different hardware kits for forward positions...

Thanks for the advices fellas I'll look to the products recomended.

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