New 426 owner question

Hi Guys,

First off I just want to say that I am really enjoying poking around on the site..there is a ton of good info here. Keep up the excellent work.

Ok, I just got the bike a week and a half first bike after a 6 year layoff due to life in general. This is my first 4-stroke (my last bike was a CR250) and so far it's pretty cool.

My question here is regarding the first oil change. The dealer told me to expect a good amount of metal shaving in the oil filter after the first oil change. I rode the bike for maybe 45 min-1 hr and changed the oil as per manufactures recommend procudures. Despite the fact that I was warned about the metal shavings I was not prepared for what I saw when I pulled the oil filter out.....YIKES! There was a ton of metal! Have any of you fellas had a similiar eye opener with your oil filter? And yes...I replaced it...I didn't try to "clean" it.

I assume that the metal shavings will slow down as the engine breaks's just a bit disconcerting to actually see it.

Also...anyone know where to get a "lower" seat for the bike? I am 5'5" and strugle with the height of the saddle a bit...course that is any modern day mx bike. All the aftermarket foam guys make "standard" and "tall" seat foam...not lower.


Paul P

Congrats on the new thumper. Very wise choice on the 426. I was also shocked at my first oil change, I wondered if there was any oil with that metal. My second was a little better but I was still concerned. On my third I took it to the dealership and showed it to one of the mechanics, he said it was normal. I am now on my fourth change and am finding very little in the filter. I have been told this is normal. One good thing is that the wife made me get the extended warranty so if this thing comes apart they are paying. Have fun on the thumper it's a great bike.

From what I have read on here this is normal. My '01 had this too. Don't forget to check the screen in the frame. Mine didn't have anything in it but other people have found some larger pieces in there. Have fun!

I had the similar with the shavings, but not I am not finding anymore.

On the foam thing. I too would like to know. I am 5'5" as well, and let me tell you, IF I stall in the wrong spot, I am screwed for starting it, I have to push it to where one side is higher to get a good position. I am thinking of getting the suspension down, and I am hoping they can bring it down a notch. Does anyone know if that can be done with the suspension? for us Vertically Challenged.

Ah yes...doesn't 5'5" totally suck?...LOL! answer your question about shortening the suspension the answer is...yes it can be done. My research has revealed that many of the known suspension guru's can and will shorten the suspension. However, I spoke with both Race

tech and Pro Circuit and they really didn't want to do it because they both felt you are messing with the basic geometry of the bike. I also have a friend who used to ride the national circuit as a suppot rider who now is a Honda development/test rider..and he absolutely is opposed to messing with the suspension components in this manner.

I think to sum this up a bit it seems that the motocross oriented guys feel that you shouldn't lower the bike, but the offroad guys seem to have less of a problem with it...of course we are talking about two fairly different types of applications here. This is simply my observation.

Personally, I took an electric turkey knife to my seat foam the other day and hacked about an inch out of it. It came out pretty well after I finished shaping it with an electric sander and a file. If I didn't tell you I did it you prob wouldn't know. It made a huge difference. I will prob spring for a softer seat as well...that may give me a little more.

Also be sure you have the proper sag in the rear....that is obviously very important and helps with the seat height. I also raised the forks in the clamps...the dealer had them pushed all the way down which raised the front end a little bit higher than stock...and I might experiment with dropping them lower.

So, in light of my "research" I have decided not to shorten the suspension. I think with the small changes I made I can live with the seat height. The truth is God just didn't give use enough leg and we just gotta deal with it. But if RC can do it..........LOL.


Hey, Instead of spending $60 for new seat foam drill holes in the foam (a TON of holes everywhere on the seat) I did this to my bike and it works great! I am not vertically challenged (I'm 6' 1") but I am weight challenged, I only weigh 160lbs! SO my butt was taking a beating on the 2x4 hard stock seat. THis combined with the Ceet Gripper cover works awesome. And now I dont get "monkey butt" everytime I ride LOL!



I get my kicks on a 426!

Motoman393's MX Site

Hey Garret,

Yea I heard that drilling the holes is another way to go. I think that is my next "cheap mod"! I just got finished reading this whole "BK" mod thing and am considering this mod as well...but I only have about 2 hours on the bike so far so I think it might wait a few weeks. By the way...nice web site!



Yeah the drilling holes in the seat method works great IMO! Wait til you get used to the power of your new bike first...and then when you are craving more power do the BK mod! Thanks for the compliment on my site! If you have anything that you think would be useful just let me know and I will put it on there! Later,



I get my kicks on a 426!

Motoman393's MX Site

Yeah 5'5" does suck sometimes, except in planes. Plenty of leg room for me.

I did the same with my front forks, but not to shorten the front end a little, but because it reduces the headshake, when I first got my bike I had a bit of headshake, my friend told me to bring the forks up in the clamps and I did, And could tell the difference that there wasn't as much headshake.

I will try the seat thing too. Why not, couldn't hurt, but may wait until October because of the Chapparal sale when I can get new graphics and seat cover. My friend last year got the whole N-Style graphics kit for like $60.

Have seen RC's bike? His is chpped from the seat to his linkage! Its not as tall as say McGrath's or Windham's. It's setup for how he likes it and what he is comfortable with. I know we don't have the support RC has got, but you can change thing to your liking!

If it will give you more confidence in lowering the seat, do it. Vise versa with the suspension linkage. My buddie has put in a new link to lower his(also moved forks up in triple clamps too) and he flies!!

Its what works for you!

I'm 5'10" and still find my 426 to be too tall. I ride tight single track in the East where the trees grow so close together you would think their all from the same trunk. As a trail rider, the height of the bike is a real problem. When I get stuck in the ugly terrain and have to put a foot down, only to find nothing but air . . . it means the bike is going to get laid over. I've already did some damage to my radiators because of this and I've got to find a way to lower the bike. On my YZ 250, I merely lessened the pre-load on my shock and It took the bike down almost an inch. I haven't noticed any handling or suspension problems from this and I've been riding it like this for 2 years. As a matter of fact, I am super comfortable with that bikes set-up, so much that I almost hate to ride my 426. Is there any reason you guys haven't tried this trick yet: pros vs cons ??


Matt W

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94 YZ 250

"Don't worry about me, how's my bike ?"

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