What's my bike worth?

I have a 1999 YZ400 that is mechanically very nice but could use work cosmetically. I have been trying to sell it because I want a 2 stroke bike, but for the offers I am getting on the bike I will take a serious loss compared to what has recently been done to the bike. I don't expect to make a profit on such an old bike, but I would like to be able to get a little more than what is being offered.

I was thinking about doing a complete to bare-frame restoration of the bike, including replacing all the plastics and any other grody looking odds and ends to bring her up to "better than new" status. I am a very skilled mechanic, and restore cars as a hobby so i know what I'm getting into, but I was just curious what would be the highest price I could expect to get on an immaculate older bike? To get an idea of what I am thinking about look at this post: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/665531-98-yz400f/

I am quite confident that I could get mine to be as good as mxdude's bike if I set out to do that.

What would a bike this nice be worth today?

Thanks guys!

If you lucky, maybe 1200 fully redone. The older bikes just aren't worth much. I had a 2000 yz426 that I completely rebuilt from top to bottom. It had a rebuilt crank, and complete new topend including cylinder and piston. The stainless valves were as good as day one. Plus i had the frame, spring, and engine covers powder coated plus new plastics and the whole works. After 3 months of listing, I let it go for 1300. It's hard to sell the old 4 strokes. I would not recommend putting a dime into it if you just plan on selling it. If you plan on keeping it, go for the rebuild. I would value it at 800-900 tops in the condition you are describing. That's just my opinion from personal experience.

Wish you lived close. I have an 01 yz250. I rode my buddies 426 a while back and loved it, and I'm getting the 4 stroke itch.

I'd say 1200 as well, that thing looks immaculate after the rebuild. Great work!

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