YZ 450 chain tensioner

Ive put about 30 hours( not racing) on my bike and was thinking maybe I should ajust my timing chain tensioner. How would I go about doing this? I just want to make sure its not going to skip a tooth and destoy itself.

There's a yz450f forum I'm sure theirs lots of info over there, maybe even if a sticky. I'm sure if you did a search you'll find it. I'm not sure if that'll help you though since you have a yz450. I never knew yamaha made a 2-stroke that size or one that had a timing chain. :thumbsup:

I don't understand why a lot of people don't put the f on the end. Not just you.

I believe that bike has an auto cam chain tensioner doesn't it? If you need to replace the chain here's a sticky.


Hopefully that helps. I'd let someone else chime in that has the model bike since I don't own that bike.

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YA!!!! Its the new yz450 2 stroke. They double lobed the cams. Its design is based of the 4 stroke 450 for proven reliability. It feches 100hp double that of that old and tired 4 joke.

2 STROKES 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!

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