getting the all ducks in a row

It is time, I will have the 07 450 in my possesion the first of May. I am wondering if anybody out there knows what hoops I will need to jump through to get it registered for the road in VT. Everyone around here has a diffrent answer. local bike shops either refuse or are looking to charge up to $1000. to do it for me. I know I will need directionals, a brake light, horn and mirror. I have seen some blurbs about a stator modification. I don't understand why? It will charge the battery right. why couldn't I just wire the directionals and horn off that. Do the WR's already have a brake light switch on them. Any help and opinions are apreciated.

No, the WR doesn't have brake light switches. Reasoning behind having to do a stator upgrade is because the factory setup uses two almost separate charging systems within the one coil. So, to make the charging system able to produce enough power to run a full electrical lighting system, people generally either upgrade or modify their factory stator from a AC/DC to a DC system. I just finished doing a street conversion on my bike, and let me tell you, if you do it properly it will cost a lot more than that $1000 the shop said they'd do it for.

Thanks I didn't think it would take that much. Is the Baja kit the way you went? Is there a diffrent kit or setup to do? I hope to have it still be a street legal dirt bike. 90-95% trail but still be able to go from home to trail.

Get the kit on rocky mountain atv for 169$ and have fun. I rode 2100 km with mine and it's been great

I have the Tusk kit from Rocky mountain ATV for $170+ or - and it's been great. The LEDs are super bright and it comes with avery well detailed instructions.

Yep agree with the Rocky Mtn kit, I couldn't buy the wire and connectors for what the harness cost. I bought the Polisport rear brake/taillight and a YZ fender (you could mod the OEM light as my 03 at least has a brakelight its just not wired), the baja brake switch along with a horn, mirror and handlebar switch for about 150.00.

That gets us legal here in Indiana, some states require turn signals I believe, but the harness comes ready for blinkers (they have a full kit that comes complete with turn signals) I just cut them off and taped off for possible future use.

Its probably not for someone that isnt mech/electrically adapt, but I muddled through with limited cussing and sweating. The entire kit looks orginal and seems to be decent quality. The hardest part was finding a nice three pin quick connector for the taillight so I can unplug to remove the subframe.

Now I'm ready to apply for my change of body from the BMV to change from off road to a road legal. I only want a bike that is good enough to pass for enduros and dual sport rides and I don't plan on riding long distance on roads or at night.

@ ROCKY That is exactly what I want. I still havent gotten a straight answer as to what it takes to be street legal here but I suspect that will do it. Each shop seems to have it's own version. They are the ones to do the paperwork. Thanks again everyone. I am sure I'll chime in again later. I love all the facts and views one can get just by pageing through this site.

Yep its crazy tring to find out this stuff, and none of the BMV people can help either. Be cool if there was a data base on here with numbers and links to the forms do do all this stuff.

I am going to put my info on here when I get done, luckly my brother has done several bikes. But its a PITA to say the least.

I'm happy to give you the part numbers and sources I used if you need, good luck!

From what I've seen I am going to go with the Rocky Mtn. kit. I thank you all now I just have to figure a speedo I think. some shops say you need them others don't. I am not finding the DMV very helpfull in this field. E-mails are not returned and nobody will commit to paper what I actualy need to be able to get a plate on it.

Years ago, I had a dirtbike plated in Vermont, and it was ridiculously easy!!! Lets hope it still is!


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