14-40 gearing on supermoto wheels? 2005 wr450

I have the stock gearing on my converted bike and it's insanely torquey and fun but it tops out at prob 80mph

I have a 40t sprocket I can slap on the back, will that keep me with a good amount of torque to power wheelie in 1st and 2nd but give me a good top speed still? I have the free mods done so the bike rips with the 14-50 that I have now power wheelieng until the end of 3rd like nothing. The gears are just 1/2 a second long and rev out wayyyy too quick.

I have a 08 supermoto so not sure if the trans gearing is the same. I am using 14 - 43. I think a 40 on the rear might be a tad too tall.

I just did the one up on the front sprocket from 14 to 15 and the rear is stock 50 and it made a big difference. now I can cruise 70mph and I can still do the short 90mph if needed.

How are your guys chain slides holding up? I run a 43, and its killing my chain slide....

I'll let you know once my bike comes out of the basement. Only difference is I'll be 15-43 in Sumo form... so hopefully my swingarm/slide doesn't take too much abuse.

yeah, im 15-43 on 17s for 90% of my riding, and the chain slide that wraps around the front fo the swingarm gets beat up, fast. I went through the stock one (given it has some miles on it when I got the bike), in a single night. Since, I've replaced it with a harder, aftermarket one and probably have 250miles on the bike and its almost worn through again.

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hmm.. I'll have to keep an eye on it. Last year with a 14-44 combo I had almost no wear with a UFO Plasti chain slide.

I changed to the aftermarket one that is thicker. I also use the Graves chain block to keep the chain away from the tire.

16T front fits. Saves wear when you keep a big rear sprock

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