NEW Honda CR250 2-stoke rumors?

While at the track today one of my friends said Honda is supposed to be coming out with a new 250 2-stroke. Is this really true? I really hope so because I'm a big 2-stroke fan. ALSO off subject.... Is a 2006 KTM 300 XC-W with a rekluse pro clutch, new top end and more extras worth $3K?? Let me know! Thanks!

I highly doubt it. Even if two-strokes do make a come-back with the Japanese manufacturers, Honda will be the last to do so, and will only do so if they feel that they are losing significant sales by not having a two-stroke.

Actually, Honda's coming out with a 900 8-stroke to compete against the 450's.

There was some talk at the amateur nationals this year about Kawi and Suzuki bringing back a 125 and 250 smokers. If that happens, Honda will not be doing the same unless the market absolutely turns and they are not selling any bikes at all. Honda pushed out the two strokes the moust out of any manufacturer. Plain and simple, I love two strokes as much as anybody - Sound/smell/feel of riding them, but lets be honest the four stroke is a lot easier to race.


who said honda quit building smokers? every kiddy car civic on the road smokes like chimney

Maybe he got confused with the Husky CR as they have stated they are developing a injected model for 2013

its actully going to be a 2 3/4 stroke.

honda will NEVER build a 2-stroke bike again. they were reluctant to even build 2-stroke motorcycles in the first place. the only reason they ever built one is they had no choice but. with modern 4-stroke technology that wasn't readily available back then, there is no going back for honda.

about the newest honda cr you will find is a 2007 model or a service honda bike.

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