Bogged Down/Chain Slap?

Hey all,

Just got my first thumper, 06 wr450f. Anyways, Im pretty sure im right that this situation causes chain slap but i just wanted to see what everyone thinks.

I went out for my first cruise on the wr today, Didnt ride it to hard but a couple times around corners id go into the corner around 4th gear and slow down quite a bit and the bike would lug out of the corner, caused by me not changing gears, anyways. Once i rolled on the throttle it sounded like the chain slapped a couple times before the motor winds up a bit.

So my question, is chain slap normal a bit when you lug the motor down when your in a higher gear going slow...

Hope i explained it well


Normal stuff. It is the swingarm chain guide making the noise.

thought so, thanks for the fast reply. hard to diagnose while riding lol

Just tweak the chain tension a bit...there should be a sweet spot where you have less slap.

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