'00 426 inner hub failure

The inner hub (not the basket) recently failed on my ’00 426. The splined steel inner sleeve that goes over the shaft began to spin within the aluminum hub. Although it was only torqued to about 10 foot pounds from the factory, it was not loose new, and it was torqued to specs per manual when I removed it several months ago. The nut was tight when the basket failed.

When I first looked at the hub over a year ago, I was able to rotate it and wiggle it a bit on the sleeve, even though the nut was torqued tightly. On subsequent inspections, it seemed that the hub was getting looser at the sleeve, and two weeks ago, it seemed that I could rotate it about an eighth of a turn. Shifting had been kind of hard since new and just before it failed, the clutch wouldn’t disengage completely, because the pressure plate came off at an angle. When it failed, I had neutral (no drive) in all five gears. Why didn’t I replace it sooner? Because I initially thought the free play was part of the design – doh! A big alarm should have gone off inside my head when there was an eight of a turn of play, but I only heard a small beep.

Fortunately, Hinson was within driving distance, so I picked up a new inner hub and noticed that it’s solid aluminum, without the steel sleeve.

Now for the good news – I replaced the last friction plate with the ’01 parts (before the hub failed completely) and found that these parts cure the chattery clutch problem and with the new hub, I can actually shift without breaking my toe.


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When I installed a Hinson basket about a year ago, I didn't even notice that the inner hub had the steel sleeve. I'm glad you posted this as I will inspect my clutch again soon. Not that I've had any problems since the Hinson, it just seems like a good idea to take a look. I may just go ahead and install the Hinson hub and be done with it.

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