clubs/groups in reno and sparks area


Hey guys. I was really hoping to ride this weekend, but all my riding buddies backed out at the last minute and i couldnt find anybody else who wasnt doing anything. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: I was wondering if anybody knew of any clubs or groups of riders that did trail rides around the reno/sparks area on a regular basis. Any info is appreciated. I want to get as much riding in before my summer job starts up in a few months. :thumbsup:

What kind of bike what kind of riding?

I would join Dust Devils if you need riding partners.

I am riding single track out of Markleeville Sunday.

I currently ride a honda cr250. I am willing to do any kind of riding within an intermediate level. Do the dust devils have a web site or something I could check out?

Yes they do but they are Dual Sport and all 4-stroke. Just go out to the play areas (moon rocks, Wilson Canyon, etc) and you will find many people.

In the reno/sparks we have MRANN for offroad racing and riding.

There are several clubs that participate. if your not interested in racing, most everyone rides every weekend.

sent you a pm with a #

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