JT Sprockets . . . Opinions Please.

I need to buy a new rear sprocket for my YZ426, and I've seen a couple of on-line places offer "JT" Sprockets. They are steel sprockets and run anywhere from $19-$25 dollars. Are they good, junk or different ?? I have never heard of this brand before. I'm looking for durability not light weight or anything special. The price is attractive compared to a Renthal at $49, and Sunstar which is a special order for the number of teeth (51) I'm looking for.


Matt W

00 YZ426F

94 YZ 250


"Don't worry about me, how's my bike ?"

i tried a jt titanal (aluminum) sproket and it wore out at least twice as fast as anything ived used in the past (renthal afam sunstar)and that was with a new o-ring chain. you get what you pay for trust me. junk

Honestly, steel is stronger than aluminum. That is why you don't see anyone offering an aluminum countershaft sprocket. A steel sprocket should outlast an aluminum one. However, more importantly is the choice of chain. If you use a cheap chain it will stretch and wear out a cheap sprocket just as fast as an expensive one. The sprockets won't have a choice. JTs should be a decent choice. Go with the JT steel sprockets and a nice o-ring chain and you won't be disapointed!

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