Results - 2007 YZ450F Exhaust is the BEST

After trying four different aftermarket pipes I found that the 2007 YZ450F full exhaust is the best power to noise pipe I have found.



Top to bottom -

Leo Vince X3

09 YZ450F

07 YZ450F


White Bros XCR

In terms of power gain.. (most at top)

Leo Vince

07 YZ450F tied w/ White Bros XCR

09 YZ450F (W/PMB end cap +silent core/tip and inner stock restrictive baffles removed) tied w/ Leo Vince w/silent tip


09 YZ450f STOCK


Stock WR

terms of Volume (loudest at top)


Leo Vince (unplugged)

09 YZ450F modded

White Bros XCR

Leo Vince (silent tip)

07 YZ450F

WR w/ pea shooter out

The first pipe I tried was the XCR. It was nice and peppy, quiet, a good pipe... but BIG! it sticks out too far for me. Good pipe if you dont mind the size/length. I didn't bother doing a lot of testing, as I knew it would not work well with my saddlebags. I am selling it.

Next I tried the Leo Vince. Nice nice pipe. sounds good, probably the best power out of the bunch. BUT it was too loud without the quiet insert, and with the quiet insert it lost its edge of power over the YZF pipe. Also, the quiet insert cannot be used in conjunction with the spark arrestor. IF you don't mind a little volume, your best bet is the Leo Vince. I would guess it is around 96DB opened up. Too loud for me. The quality is fantastic however, I will keep it as a backup if I bash mine.



Next I rigged up the 09 YZ450F system. I put the PMB spark arrestor, quiet insert, and quiet tip on. I really liked this setup, but it was still a bit too loud for me. I would guess it was around 94-95db. Sounded nice, good power compare to the Leo even. Nice and short, out of the way. Just a bit too loud. I am going to sell it.



Then finally I tried the 07 YZ450F pipe. I already had the 09 YZ450F large diameter header on. I put a spark arrestor on to make sure I am legal.

Fired her up and took her for a spin.. This is the one! VERY quiet... 2nd quietest to the stock WR pipe. Power would be just behind the Leo Vince unplugged. A hair more power than the 09 YZ450F system with the silent core + tip, but still much quieter. The sound is great, a little bark when you get on it, but purr quiet when you are just cruising. When I ride hard I still hear the sound coming directly from the motor more so than the exhaust.

When I get more time I will take a video of the Leo Vince to compare.

ALSO, I was not able to try a FMF Q4 on this bike.. however, I had one on my XR650L and on my XR250. They work well, however the spark arrestor design on them is fairly restrictive, and the quality is not quite as good as I would as I would want. On the XR650L, the FMF Q4 was fairly loud. But that is apples to oranges comparing to the WR450. YMMV. I believe the YZ450F pipe is a better value.



As you can tell it looks much like the Stock WR but it is much much lighter


Leo Vince with quiet insert VS 07 YZ450F exit pipe diameter. As you can see the YZF pipe is significantly larger. However, without the insert the LV is larger in diameter than the YZF pipe.


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But, what year is your motor?, what is the jetting on the carb? did you change jetting to match the flow for each slipon? Air box mods? Header? You said power, seat of the pants? top speed? low end torque? I loved the pics and vid. they are great. They let us see what it will actualy look like on the bike and not done up just to sell them.

what type of spark arrestor went into the 07 YZ exhaust?

its an 07 WR. all the normal mods, twin air filter, 170/65 jetting for stock WR w/pea shooter out, 170/68 for all others. The LV comes with its own header. The White Bros uses stock WR, the YZ pipes use the bigger YZ 09 header.

power is just seat of the pants. I did top speed with the WR YZ07/09 and LV. The LV got to 104, the 07 pipe to 102, the 09 to 99MPH, and the WR to 95. Of course the days/roads were different so YMMV. One of these days when I get more time I will put one on after another and do a test to really compare them better.

The spark arrestor was just one I had sitting around the shop, it came off some aftermarket exhaust.

If you don't mind a more noise, go with the Leo Vince X3 full system. It is really high quality. Otherwise if you are like me and ride in secret areas, go with the 07 YZ450F Pipe and 07-09 YZ450F header.

I heard the 07 YZF pipe has a bigger outlet, so it might compare to the LV more closely.

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