WR250R or TE250 or?

Looking into getting a Yamaha WR250R or a Husky TE250.

I am a stocky guy around 5'9" and 215lbs, so is a 250cc good or should I go to a 350 or even 450?

My current bike is a 1984 Honda XL250R, and I've been happy with it, but its just getting old.

Price is an issue but not a big one, I don't mind paying more for something thats worth it!

I ride street and dirt, so i definitely need something street legal but leaning heavily towards being dirt worthy.

Ive ridden many other bikes, from 100cc to 650cc, but I prefer the bike to be light and nimble, but still have enough power to get things done!

I've ridden, and do NOT want a:

~KLR250 (not a KLX, but the older model) - I liked the bike but seemed underpowered and boring.

~DR200 - completely sad bike with no power.

~XT225 - not impressed, but it was comfortable.

~DR-Z400S - very nice, but feels top heavy and unstable at 55+ mph. (Friend's bike. Rode this quite a lot actually, so I felt pretty comfortable on it.)

~YZ426F (not street legal) - bike was fun, but seemed a bit too crazy for what I like.

~DR650 - too fat and heavy

Between the 2 bikes you mentioned, I would go with the WR. Keep in mind that a WR250 wont have alot of top end speed on the street. Also, for their weight, they arent particularly powerful. Dont get me wrong, those are rock solid engines and they handle fairly well, but the performance wont knock your socks off. In my opinion, the weight penalty you pay moving up to a 450 is small compared to the additional performance you get. I would recommend a KTM 450 EXC. I know several people who ride [trails only] on a KTM 450 and they all love their bikes. If I were on a budget, I would consider a 2007 or prior model, as they had the almost indestructible "RFS" engine design. Frames changed [improved so they say] in 2008, but the RFS was replaced. The 2008 and newer are still really good engines, just slightly higher maintenance. Also, a WR450 might be another option. I just sold a WR426...it was a damn good trail bike, just a little too heavy for me at 6' 185lbs.

Why not look at the TE310 instead of the 250?

Check out the maintenance schedules before you decide.

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