WR426 stock handlebar specs/new bars/risers

Hey guys, I currently run Pro Taper Contour bars (Windham RM mid), but I need something higher.

The good news is that I already have ROX 2" risers at my disposal.

The bad news is that the risers are for 7/8 bars, and the Contour is 1 1/8.

Thinking about replacing the Contour bar, but am concerned about running out of cable length because I bought CR High (for example) with the ROX risers. So I'd like to buy 7/8 bars that are fairly similar to the stock bars. Does anyone know what the specs are? I couldn't find anything in a search....

Scott's Sub Mount ??? the problem is it is big$$$$$$$

Well, I'm kind of a cheap sob so I'd rather just buy 7/8 bars to use with the risers, but don't wanna run out of cable length either......

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