greetings fellow thumpers,

just a silly question - whats the difference between

a drybreak tank or a screw type tank :D

and whats the most popular tank you guys use,

the stock tanks is ridiculous - i spend half my time worrying about my fuel level, :D

4.6 gal should be alright ,hey

thanks for replying if you do. :)

The "drybreak" style is used with a special gas can for speedy fills during races. You just stick the can in the tank, no cap to remove.

As far as aftermarket tanks as concerned, the Clarke 4.3 is my favorite. The IMS 3.2 looks good also if 1/2 gallon more is enough.

You can dump in 2 gallons of fuel per second with a dry brake system, so refills are very quick. If you go with a dry brake tank, then you'll need to buy a dry brake receiver for your tank which will cost you another $200 on top of the tank purchase. Then you'll have to buy a dry brake dump can with a male probe and either buy or make a stand for it. The dry brake dump can, make probe, dust cap & stand runs about $600. You'll be looking at spending about a grand between the tank, receiver, dump can, male probe, dust cap & stand by the time your done with it.

Both GPR & IMS also make 'trail caps' for dry brake tanks and they cost about $80. They simply bolt in place of the dry brake receiver and provide a screw on cap fitting for when you're not racing. I have both the Clarke 4.3 and the IMS 3.2 tanks. They both fit well, but the Clarke gives you much better range if you plan to ride a long ways. The Clarke is a little over an inch wider than the IMS 3.2 at its widest point, but its not too wide to be uncomfortable. I prefer the stock tank size, but I've often found myself on reserve and heading back to camp early because I was low on fuel. The IMS 3.2 is about right for most of my riding and I like its smaller size better than the Clarke, but I wish it held an additional half gallon of fuel for those occassional 100+ mile trail rides that requires my Clarke.

Are you riding a R or an L. I have a L and installed the Clarke, holds 4.7 U.S. gallons I have never run it into reserve as of yet

i have the natural color clarke 4.3 thanks to the guys on this list. :D i can see my fuel level at all times - not that i need too i have run several 100 plus mile days and have had plenty of gas. my stock tank would hit reserve at about 50-55 miles into my ride. very happy with the fit and quality of the clarke.

jeff :)

Clarke 4.3 & IMS 3.2 = Good! :D

IMS 4.6 Globlin Tank = Bad :D

Rokatt Report, Over & Out! :)

thanks guys - i really appreciate your feedback :)

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