GPS - Garmin eTrex Vista

Anyone try the eTrex Vista?...or have other recommendations on GPS units...

I have the Vista and love it. I got it off ebay for $244 Two months ago. It might be cheaper now. It does everything. I have three other Garmins and the vista just blows my mind. They have a new one that's bilt into a palm pilot that I haven't tried. The vista does everything I want that the 5+ does. It doesn't beep though and the screen is smaller. There was something else that the 5+ did, let me check. It does a lot more then the 3+ that I use, Like the compass is awesome when your stopped or going slow and the different ways it reads altitude. I have mine loaded with the topo map. Moves faster then the 3+ and the street pilot. Haven't found anything I don't like. Oh, it doesn't find addresses like the 5+ but, will find any land, water or man made points of intrest (there already in there). Like streems, bridges, hills, sand bars (in rivers0, canyons by name, and it goes on and on. Have you checked one out yet?

I bought the Garmin Rino 120 which is the GPS/Radio combo but the GPS is about equal to the eTrex Legend. It is an awsome unit, the only thing is I am still researching for a good helmet headset system so I can use the radio on the fly.

I picked up the National Geographic TOPO software which can import the GPS tracking data to make and print your own custom maps. The cool thing is that GPS routes can be uploaded to the GPS, but the actual tpography of the map can not. The NGT package has 7 CDs for just the state of Colorado and there is a free download off of the NG web site to get the software to have a seemless map if I buy any neighboring states.

Overall Garmin makes great stuff, and the National Geographic TOPO software is pretty good. :)

Thanks for the replies...

BWB63...that is exactly the input I was looking for. I have two riding buddies that have the 3, and I was looking for a comparison. Looks like I will be pursuing the Vista...

Thanks again, BWB63 and Big_D!

Hey Big D,

Let me know what you find about the headset. I got the Rhino 120 also for me and my girl.

I saw the set up they have at baja designs but it's kinda pricey and I would like to see it before I invest. Also I have mine mounted on the handle bars and I'm not sure how that would hook up.

What have you found?

I just ordered a Noise Terminator GP headset from Clearercom today. It is a throat mic that is like the military mics that pick up the vibrations of your speech off of your neck. For $80 it seemed a LOT cheaper than the BD system and with the mic not open to the air it looks perfect for running on VOX. (so your buddies can hear you scream :)) You can add a PTT button to the system and if you are doing something else you can just plug in a set of headphones and use the throat mic without touching the speakers in your helmet. One compatability issue with the Rino is that the plug on the headset is a 4 pole and the socket on the Rino is a 3, they claim it will work fine but I will need to be carefull not to force the plug all the way into the socket because that will damage the Rino. I plan on using a rubber O-ring or plastic spacer to make fix the problem.

I ride with an Ogio pack and keep my Rino in the CD player pocket at the top so I wanted something that would have no connection to the bike in case of an unscheduled dismount.(how was that for being PC! :D)

They are on back order and should ship next week. After I get it and test it I will post a ride report here. :D

Another system that I found that is a little less expensive ($50-$60) is from MotoComm it has a PTT button on the handle bar with helmet mounted Mic and speakers. The MotoComm domain name seems to be being held hostage but here is a link with a bunch of info. Another good thing to do is google MotoComm.

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