who does the best suspension work?

both ends of my 600R need to be re-sprung and re valved. who does the best work?

i don't race her. she's an extra bike that i take out for a wheelie fest every now and then. i guess all i'm really looking for is stock performance.



Factory Connection. I had my XRL650 done for woods riding, and they did a fantastic job. Customer service is out of this world. 6 months after they did my suspsension, the shock blew apart (it literally exploded). I sent it to them, and they replaced it, no questions asked. Nice. Customer for life.

Rob Barnums. There is a link on this site. His work is excellent.

every one is gonna tell you different.

personally i say send your stuff to precision concepts.

rob barnum is good too.

just stay away from race tech.

Hey Secret Buddy!

I have heard great things about both Precision & Barnums. I am leaning towards Precision as they are closer to me. I just raced my first race since 1979. It was the Superstition 250XX. Me and Poway Rider from the WR450 forum rode the team race and finished 1st Senior A! Very stoked! I rode my XR650R. I actually had been satisfied with the stock suspension with some clicker adjustments until this race. Now I can see that I need to upgrade! If anything the units are in need of a re-build. They felt great at the begining of the race but my shock faded and when I tried to click things up to firm it up on my last loop...the shock beat me to death! Keep in mind that I still have the stock oil in my forks!!! Yeah I'm in need of some suspension work. Are you happy with Precision's work? We have a psudo TT ride going on out at Ocotillo Wells this weekend (ya comin?). After that I'm sending out my boingers for some Suspension Love. Let me know what you think of your suspension work. :)


i'm very happy with precision concepts. they now have a shop in temecula and it's so easy to take my stuff in and get it worked on.

they have done the suspension on my xr650 as well as my brother's crf 450. i'm very happy with bob and his wife. they are good people. -- (and i don't throw that term around like some people do)

their rates are decent. they turn stuff around quickly and frankly, if bob's work is good enough for campbell, henge, grider, and blais, it's good enough for the rest of us.

i've messed around with my clickers several times and always go back to the original settings i got from bob.

good to hear about your race. you should come up and do some district 37 stuff. we have a couple of desert scambles and an enduro left before the end of the year. there's a hare & hound this weekend as well.

can't make the ride. one of these days i'd like to get out for a TT ride and meet everybody.

what should i expect to pay?

Yo Secret, Precision has a shop in Temecula now??? Oh Yeah! This just keeps getting better! I'm all over it, "Like a duck on junebug"! Thanks for the input. How can I get a schedule for the remaining Dist. 37 races? I'm planning on riding the FRT Dash race at Plaster City in December. :)

I paid $150 each ($300 total) to get the front/rear revalved on my CRF at Precision Concepts. Springs and some parts are extra.

Rokatt-man, just some info, MR. Fudpucker from FRT passed away on the 23rd, not sure if they are still going to race. They have people looking in to taking over for him. FRT has a website, but not sure of the address, also, you might want to try SidewindersMotorsports.com or something, they are new as of last year plus they are AMA sanctioned and they too race in the Plaster City/Superstition area.

Hey Secret,

Did you have a bad experience with Race Tech???? Was it service or parts related??

Yeah RedRider, I was notified by my team mate. He went to the Fud site to check our results/overview from the race. It explained about Fud. There is an e-mail address you can send condolences to. I sent one. I would like to say that I actually did get to meet Fud at the race and he was very helpful to me and Poway Rider. On top of that, he was just a way cool guy. He helped get us all signed up and gave us our mug and T-shirts and after our race he gave us our 1st place plaques. He just smiled and shook his head when I re-counted how I got off course and went back to make sure I didn't burn a check and get disqualified. My heart & thoughts go out to his family and all of his friends. I am proud to say I got to know him. I know there is a desert course with no turns in heaven! Godspeed Fud! :D:):D

Leon Baird

Hey Secret,

Did you have a bad experience with Race Tech???? Was it service or parts related??

naw, not really a bad experience, just little things. in fact i probably shouldn't have said race tech and instead said "big shops" i.e. pro circuit, race tech, etc. imho unlike engine work or ordering parts, i think that getting your suspension worked on is a very touchy process. ideally you should find a shop that is close to your house, smaller, and you should have long term direct, regular contact with whomever is working on your stuff.

when i first moved down to socal i took my stuff to race tech in corona. it was just a little too big for my tastes and i sort of felt a little strange leaving my forks and rear shock on top of a stack of about 50 other orders. the person taking service orders was very helpful and personable but everytime i called there i was put on hold, each time i talked to someone else, and when i got my suspenders i left knowing that whatever problems or tweaks i wanted to make through race tech down the road through them would be a lot of hassle simply because of their size.

later, i had gerald leighton work on my stuff up in hesperia and realized finding a one person shop or smaller shop was the way to go. he was building desert rigs on the side and i learned real quick that going with a small guy means being able to call him on a sunday after a race or a thursday night at ten o'clock looking to have fork seals replaced the next day.

gerald isn't doing suspension anymore. i think he quit to focus on his work at a more street bike oriented shop up in hesperia.

so then i switched to precision concepts due mainly to their history with honda's off road team. however, precision concepts is still a small shop to where i can call up and talk to bob's wife, and hear bob in the background yelling at her to tell me to leave my clickers alone.

i think race tech is fine for parts. in fact a lot of small shops use their stuff and i wouldn't have a problem trading with a guy who uses their parts/valving techinques.

Hey Secret,

That wouldn't be the same Gerald Leighton that used to work for Malcolm Smith in the seventies would it?? My very first job was sweeping the mechanics area when Malcolm had his shop on La Cadena in Riverside. Gerry was a great guy and a great mechanic! If you ever run into him again, tell him Leon-Boogie said Hi! :)

Small world! :D

i was talking about gerry's son gerald.

however, i know gerry as well. he was managing LR's former shop Stroker. when it canned gerry went and opened his own shop. it's called Four Stroke Works. http://fourstrokeworks.com/

he does engine work and is developing his own line of 4 stroke pipes. really good guy. now that's an old school desert rat right there my friend! which must make you one too. :)

i'll have my buddy say hi to him for ya. he talks to gerry more than i do. but you should drop him a line yourself. he's getting pretty good at the whole email thing.

Oh Jeez! Jerry's son?? Yeah, You could say I'm old as dirt but I still feel like the shiznit! HA! :D

Thanks for the update on Jerry's Biz. I will definitely drop him a line.

I'm actually wearing my "Old Guys Rule" T-Shirt here at work today! :)

I really like precision concepts. My PC forks are super smooth and if I have any questions they will answer them promptly over the phone.

XR 650R pro-tapers, applied clamp, excell gold wheels, GPS stabilizer, 4.3 IMS dry Break, uncorked, CR 500 shock, pipe very smooth and very fast

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