1983 Honda XR200R Review questions

I am just trying to get an overview of this bike just bought it. Wondering things like top speed reliability how good will it climb because i ride in a gravel pit a lot can it handle that just anything you know about them. I bought it from the second owner for 400 bucks runs great pretty good shape i even got the original owners manual with it was that a good deal.

My '83 XR-200R was my first "real" dirtbike. A very reliable bike if you change the oil frequently and keep the air filter clean. I remember it being a two valve head, which was actually considered a plus over the 4 valve heads at the time.

Suspension is fine for exploring/easy trail riding. I think the XR200 actually lost suspension travel on later year models, so the 83 is good. If you push it hard though, you'll find out its shortcomings pretty quick. Still, I jumped mine frequently, often landing flat from 4'-6' up in the air (hard on the bike, hard on you). For reference I was 15 at the time and probably weighed 160#.

I couldn't tell you what the top speed is anymore. They originally sold w/ speedometers but alot of owners took them off, you know, for performance :banghead:

It's a great bike to learn on. One thing I hated is it often won the "womens bike of the year" title in one of the mags. Don't let that bum you too much, it's a great bike for what it is.

I think your looking at 50-55 top speed with stock gearing without winding out the motor too much. That xr is a pure woods and trail bike. The motor is not powerful enough for alot of deep sandy area riding though.

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