Flywheel weight / If so? How Much?

I am considering putting a weighted flywheel on my 426. I ride about a 50/50 mix of woods and mx riding.

The newest issue of MX Action magazine did a article on Steahly weights for the 250f. They pointed out that the weighted flywheel would not fit behind a DSP carbon fiber cover, and they stated that it was for this reason that Ramsey's and Fonseca's bikes have stock ignition covers. I noticed that Tim Ferry's bike has a stock igniton cover also. Could he be running a weighted flywheel on the 426?

I am considering the weight because I am under the impression that it will smooth my power delivery (better traction) and make my bike less prone to stalling. The weights that I have seen come in 10, 12, and 14oz sizes. I have no idea what size to get. I fear that too much weight will rob my bike of its snap. I also wonder if this modification could place too much stress on the crank.

Steahly sells a complete weighted flywheel for $199. Could anyone give me some advice on this subject? I don't want to waist two bills.

I run a Ty Davis 12oz on my 01yz, I like it. After you ride with it for a while you forget its there. I put it on at a guys house that has a track in his back yard. He has a small double right out of a right hander. I over jumped it rolling on the throttle in 3rd many times, the extra traction and smoother power are most noticeable, it helped starting also. Good luck.

I have a Steahly 12oz. weighted flywheel on my 01 YZ 426, and I love it... I ride in the tight woods of PA (Tower City), and it works great. Now that I don't ride the bike like a 2-stroke anymore, I almost never stall it. It still has LOTS of snap.

Would highly recommend !!!


I put the Steahly 12oz on my 01 426 and it's by bar the best $200 I've spent on this bike. Absolutely needed for woods riding. You wont be sorry. I ride 50/50 MX and woods also.

does the Steahly have a spacer that makes the case cover stick out about 1/4 inch like the Terry Cable kit? (to make room for the bigger flywheel)

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