2012 WR 450 wheels

Just curious if anyone has confirmed whether or not the earlier WR wheels will fit the new bikes? One of these days I will upgrade to the new FI model and it would be nice to know that if I had an extra set of wheel for the '07 & '02 that I currentlyhave that they could be saved for the new bike.

Did you find out if they fit?

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My 99 front wheel fit on my 07, but I had to take the bearing from the ODO side of the 07 wheel and pop it in the 99 wheel, and I think I had to use the 07 spacer/s. My 07 wheels look identical to my 2012, so I would guess that a 99 front would fit a 2012, as long as you swapped the bearing and spacer/s. My 99 rear wheel fit my 07 with no modification, and the 2012 looks the same. I haven't tried it but it looks like a straight swap.

They are the same. They even use the same swingarm.

Sweet. Thanks.

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