2007 yz450 shock issuses

So I went to change the spring on my shock and took the tension off the spring and took off the rebound adjuster. when I took of the adjuster it shot off there was pressurized fluid and a rod that flew out. Need som help with wich way the rod goes in. if the fluid was because there was a leak in my bladder? jast some major help.

Wow, you need to take your shock to someone and get it refilled with oil. All you have to do is loosen the preload ring and then you can pull up the thing that the spring sits on and take it off the shaft and this lets you change the spring.

does any on have a break down for the shock and oil level so i can do it my self. Maybe know any one near Rock Springs, WY that could do it for me.

refilling a rear shock requires some knowledge and equipment to bleed it and re-gas it to 175psi

No dis-respect, but I don't think you have that knowledge if you took the rebound adjuster out, when you only wanted to change the spring

Have you tried SSW in Colorado- look in the DRZ forum section for Eddie Sisneros and pm him

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I agree with Graham, take it to Eddie. You need to have it professionally repaired. It is beyond you being able to fix it.


Ya I'll try a couple dealers today. Wish the manual had the break down.

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