pw80 had no oil for awhile it seems....

Ok i had my pw80 for like 18 too 19years sense brand new which is a 94 could be a 96 but not really sure. It hasn't ran much either for like 10years before i started riding it again these 2 pass years.

Started right up like always even after all theses years. So at my cousins last year when riding it. Pretty much seized up and the spark plug got fire hot so bought a new spark plug and it still wouldn't start up. So i took it down a hill and put it in first and got it running. But it was hard too keep running than after awhile it ran perfect again,

So i started too put some caps of 2 stroke oil in the gas tank when a guy told us start doing that, Because the oil injection pump goes bad, So every tank i did that, But today i just notice it suppose too be a oil tank under the seat... So i took the seat off which i never did before. And yep the tank was empty....

I was always told that when you add oil into the engine the oil pump picks it up from there. Even my dad said that which he was wrong. But back than i didn't know much about dirt bikes so i didn't know..

But i just went out and filled it up with 2stroke oil. But how would i know if the pump even works anymore?? For some reason it always starts on the first kick and runs well. But after about a hour it will act up like loosing power and stalls like always.which is probably because it didn't have oil, And ony some in the tank which i ony put some because i always thought it was getting oil from the pump.

I know alot about these motors now and always thought it was weird that it didn't have a tank under the seat like my 05 blaster use too. But the guy took that off and told me too mixed it for now on. But ya found out it does..Bike have been driven alot these pass 3 months too. sometimes i didn't even put oil in the gas tank.. But still ran fine for some reason even when my friends took 2 people on it which i told them not too.

But ya i do feel stupid not looking into this info sooner.. So do you think it did any damage? It runs fine and starts fine but it does get it times that it will loose power. And bog too a stall but will start right back up.

Pretty much everyone call my pw80 a destructible bike sense ony things i replace on this bike in the 18 years i owned it is spark plug last year, And front inner tube about a month ago lol.

Also how much oil does it eat before it runs out like in hours?

Just bought some sea foam off amazon couple hours ago before i even found out about this so will run that into it when i get that.

No wonder why it never blew any smoke like a 2stroke.. Always thought that was odd.

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So what are your questions exactly? Did you do any damage by running a 200:1 ratio?- Yes you probably did, a fresh top end wouldn't hurt and you should probably check the bottom end out as well.

The pumps just about never go bad but are often disabled for fear they will. A lot of rednecks with little to no experience just assume it'll fail so they pull it off, something I'm surprised didn't happen with yours already. Disconnecting them is a poor choice, and there is no reason to do that. To check out the condition of the pump just disconnect the oil pump line that runs to the intake or carb and with the bike running see if it pumps oil out. It won't be much. 2-strokes really don't spew smoke all that much once their warmed up, especially if they have an oil pump system hooked up.

How much does the tank hold? I had bigger bikes with pumps 125's, 250's, and a 400. With them the oil lasted what seemed like forever, probably 15-20hrs of running. Just top it off every time you ride it and you won't have problems. If you don't check the oil everytime you ride just give it someone that'll appreciate it.

I think you need to educate yourself a little before you ride the bike. If it took oil out of the transmission doesn't that mean you'd run the transmission dry after a weekend of riding? That makes no sense at all.

Read this before I call mini-bike protective services and have it taken away. Page 5 might interest you.

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That was painful to read..... on so many levels... :banghead:

That was painful to read..... on so many levels... :banghead:

My thoughts exactly. I'm hoping the op was stoned or drunk when this was posted... :thumbsup:

That was painful to read..... on so many levels... :banghead:


Ok, I gave up on reading. I'm sorry, but I sincerely hope you were excited or something and you normally write in a more composed manner.

So here ya go, first anyone who tells you oil pumps fail are idiots. They don't. I've been reading comments like that and researching these motors (and the other brands with injection pumps) for years and have read one confirmed, two possibly and one suspected pump that failed from reliable sources. Everyone else says "I've heard they fail, so I took it out." Oddly enough, one of the boat anchors I have is because someone thought they knew better than the engineers and turned a decent bike into a pile of crap that I bought for $75. Out of how many thousands of bikes produced shipped all over the world? If these pumps failed with any noticeable frequency, I'd be able to find more than four failures. They are more reliable than almost any other component made on a two stroke bike and the PW80 is pretty darn reliable as your royally disassociated post proves.

So you've got pre-mix in the tank now? Good. Pop the little hose that connects from a black box on the motor to the carb off the carb end. Take some electrical tape and cover the hole.

Now start the bike. When oil starts seeping out of the hose, the pump is primed. Plug it back in the carb, fill the tank the rest of the way with straight gas and remember to check the tank periodically. I'd say every 10 hours is a good interval to refill the tank.

Now, remove the carburetor, disassemble it and clean it. In all this time, the carb is full of crap and you'll find the bike runs amazingly well with a cleaned, oil injected carb.

It might not be a bad idea to do a compression test, I'm curious as to what a PW80 which has been run repeatedly without oil tests out at.

If you find that the hose is missing from the black box to the carb, or the oil pump is missing or after five minutes of idling it doesn't pump any oil, contact me, I've got the parts to fix it.

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Ya sorry about the typeing. But it was late and pretty much i was in a hurry because i found out about the oil sorry..

But ya. I didint know about the oil bottle because everyone i know and even the yamaha dealer didint even say anything about the bottle when i talked too them.

Heck whats weird is the yamaha dealer pretty much said it was a 4 stroke back than, So ya they stupit so i went with there word because i was a very small kid back than. But these pass years i knew it was a 2stroke so i started too put oil in the gas tank. But not as much as it should have, Because i thought it was getting oil from the injection pump.

The bike probably does have low hours, Because i ony started too ride it alot this year, And i took care of it. Except i didint know about the oil bottle but i was puttting oil in the tank as one guy told me too do, So i guess it had some oil most of the time. But So far the little bike is a champ because it still starts on first kick and runs better now sense i put oil in the bottle, But im thinking of just mixing 32:1 in it for now on which i have in it now. Im not even sure if the pump even works because it was running dry al this time.

But will check the pump out today and see if it works. And if it does will just keep it on and use that. Cause i do prefer that over mixing. Will also do a compression test and see what that brings up.

One more thing, I bought sea foam and was wondering will it hurt too run that in it? I herd it does wonderful stuff too engines.

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Is there a reason your wanna put seafoam in your bike?

Clean the carb the real way if that's what your trying to accomplish.

Check the pump. It may need bleed if it sucked air. I'm not sure how the PW's work but my dt's have a bleed screw on the pump you removed until oil comes out of the hole. Then you replace it and run the bike for awhile, until the oil starts comming out the hose that runs to the intake of the engine. It might take a little because it doesn't use that much oil when your running. Until then just use 32:1 but hopefully you can get the pump working because that makes life a lot easier and will help your bike last a long time.


Ya im still going too clean the carb the right way. Because i did that with my pitbikes, But i Just herd sea foam cleans the engine out and this pw80 might need a good engine cleaning from what its been threw. So not a good idea too run sea foam in it? I mean will it hurt anything if i did?

Ya im going too check the pump and if it works going too use that instead of mixing.

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I only think it's decent at is cleaning carbs or pcv system in cars. You probably won't hurt anything running it though. I mean if you bought it for that intention go ahead and use it. If you didn't buy it yet I wouldn't buy it.

Did you find out what was on page 5 of the manual yet? I know it's not the same year but I think the bike has been pretty much unchaged mechanically.

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Yep i found out about that plate last year when i was at my cousins. What a big difference taking that out does:) Pretty much felt like i was riding a different bike.

Ya i already bought the sea foam so will run little in it and see if it does anything, But will take the carb apart and clean it the right way.

I just feel really bad about not knowing about the oil tank sooner.. Bike has always treated us good and haven't had any problems with it. And its the bike that keeps on ticking and always comes back home from riding with out any problems than any of my other bikes usely does. Pretty much a tank of a bike.

Thanks for all the info you guys provided:)

Will update what happens next and if everything goes good or bad.

How many tanks of straight gas have been ran through it over the years? Do the world a favor and promise to never sell this bike without first directing perspective buyers to this thread.

Eh... you have to try pretty hard to kill a PW80, if it didn't crap out before, it probably won't in the future. I would suggest top end which will run all of $100 for a knock-off piston and cylinder. A bottom end rebuild is only about $200. Nothing else would be affected by the lack of oiling, except possibly the pump, but that we'll know soon enough.

If all the manufacturers built their bikes with the goal of being as durable as a PW80, they'd be out of business as there would be too few new sales.

I never would sell my pw80 anyways:) Been the best bike i had. And had it for so long.

But i ran some sea foam in it today. And left it run for a good bit idleing. Which has never idle on its own before the sea foam treatment. Couldint ride it much because the back tire and tube which is the stock tire and tube finally worn out completely. So going too put the new one i got off ebay tire/tube on it tomarlo and take it for a trail ride.

It still kicks over with 1 kick. So i guess it didint do too much damage if at all.

But will see in couple days how it acts.

Just wanted too give a update. And have great news it seems like it didn't do damage, I took it for a ride today for good couple hours after i put a new rear tire on. And i also put sea foam in it couple days ago. Which seems like it made my pw 80 really come too life!! It will idle now and always start on first kick . And it smokes more than it was now which before it didn't smoke at all. So it seems like its getting oil now. And it has alot of power now.. It will pop a nice wheelie in first gear which it has never did before.

But so far that sea foam did wonders for my pw80:)

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