Copper Canyon Tour

Well, I just got back yesterday from a 10 day dual sport ride in Copper Canyon Mexico. Took a 2000 wr400 with 50/50 tires, guts racing seat, wb exhaust w/10 discs, air box cover removed, rejeted carb, break lite installed, license plate installed and a set of soft saddle bags. We road 1150 miles, half dirt, rocks, ruts, and half tar. Our longest days ride was 310 miles from Creel Mexico back to Presidio Texas. I had it geared 15/50. The bike was great on the dirt roads, but I found it difficult to travel much faster than 55-60 on the tar for extended periods of time. (like for 6-7 hours) The seat was great. Wearing compression shorts, having a good guts seat and hemorrhoidal Suppositories, I found the long ride tollerable.

Buy the way, you must register your bike to get into Mexico and go past the 25 mile check point. If you want to bring your bike into Mexico and stay within 25 miles of the border, no problem.

We stayed in Cuauhtemoc, Creel, Batopilas, Cerocahui, Urique and Guadilupe. The canyon is about 4 times the size of the grand canyon. We were as high as 8800 feet and low as 1500 feet, decending some 4000 feet in six miles. We traveled with Rosens Rides. The bike didnt miss a beat. It loaded up some at high altitiudes but got nice and crisp in the canyon. The riding is challenging but the scenery, food and accomidations were great. I would recommend the ride to anyone interested in an adventure into Mexico without the concern for meals, accomidations, carring luggage and have the security of a chase vehicle. I will post a couple of pictures when they are developed. There were 11 riders. We had 3 flats, 25 times the bikes hit the dirt on their sides (once myself), (four of those during water crossings which are exciting) and one rider received some broken ribs and we had 4 cases of Montazoma's revenge. You should have been there.

I realize that this thread was originally started five years ago but lots of good information here. I'm interested in riding that area.......Thanks!

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