ringnut wrench neede


I am having the hardest time finding a ring nut wrench which will fit on a socket wrench (torque wrench) so that I can torque the stearing head bearings. Do any of you know where I can find such a thing? The dealer didn't even have one.


i use a regular 30mm socket....

what is the prob (sorry maybe didnt understand the english)?

SirThump, are you trying to find a wrench that will fit the slotted ring nut under the tripleclamp, that can be attached to a torque wrench? I have not seen one of these as of yet. I have seen a hand held wrench that will tighten & loosen this nut. It is curved with a hook on the end that fits into the slots of the ring nut. But no way to set correct torque. I use a punch & hammer to tighten/loosen this nut. I would also be interested in a tool that achieves this.

Thanks for the link Flying, Spanner Wrench -- I could not think of the name of this.

Thanks for the link flyinguitars, I think that you sent me this link before. These look great, but I really would like to have one that I can attach to a torque wrench. There is a picture of it in the manual along with a yamaha part number, but my local parts shop called their supplier and were told that it was a bad part number. I guess I'm going back to the dealer and press them to look into this and find the right part number.

Thanks all!!

Hey sirthumpalot, I've been down that path with my dealer as well. Told me basically the same story. Three attempts and they would just neglect to get back to me as they had promised. It seems absurd that between the dealer and Yamaha they can not seem to identify a source for this tool which is clearly specified by the factory manual.

I would be very intereseted if you are ever able to find one of those things. I guess everyone pretty much just uses hammer and punch/screwdriver. I've been setting my sag that way as well. For now, I am going to go for the generic spanner wrenches as mentioned. The ring nuts seem to get buggered up pretty easily with all the pounding.

O.K. Guys, I will tell my secret. I also tried to order one from Yamaha, and they wanted about $65.

You can get a spanner at a bicycle shop. The one I have is a Park, HCW10. About $15. It has the spanner on one end, and a 36 mm box end.

Then get ANY 3/8" socket and weld it to the spanner, DRIVE side up. I put mine about 1" from the side of the nut. Not scientific, but it works well. Now torque to 27 ft lb, back off nut and retighten to 5.1 ft lb.(61.2 in lb)


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