Hi All

Newbie here. I'm hoping to pick up a 92 XR600 tonight. The bikes in Supermotard trim, which is what I want. I test rode the bike and found the carburation to be awful. The front forks were woefully undersprung and underdamped it seemed?

A hunt round the net told the carbs on XRs are pretty useless, although they can be improved. But it sems teh real way is to fit a TM40 Mikuni on? All these roads seemed to lead me to XRsonly.com. However, I seem to keep coming across people who say they are having trouble dealing with XRsonly, not teh company it used to be etc. So, before I run off and place an order with them, I thought I'd better have an ask around and see if XRsonly is still running ok as a business and not filing for bankruptcy or something?

Thanks for the advice



Ok, ignore my post. I just found some stuff about them in the archives. I dont think I'll risk it with them. :)

Why don't you take it to a good wrench and let them see if it can fixed first?

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