03 wr450 rear wheel spacer stuck

Excel rims with pro series hubs

The other day I noticed that my rear wheel had some side to side play in it. I loosened up the axle nut and could barely remove the axle. After a while of pounding it out I finally got it. I can see that the bearing is shot but cannot remove the spacers. I tried a bearing puller, but the one my auto parts store had was 1/16" too short to catch the bottom side of the spacer.

Any suggestions on how to remove these and get my bike back on the road?

which spacer(s) are you referring?

Is the internal one, located inside the hub, or the two external ones that site between the wheel and the swingarm

As to removing the bearings, use a drift & hammer from the opposite side, and drive the bearing out

internal spacer will push out of the way slightly to allow the drift to be placed on the inner race of the bearing and hence allow you to hit it with hammer to knock bearing out.

the internal spacer will drop out, then just knock the other bearing out in the same manner

It's the spacers that are between the wheel and swing arm.

There's really nothing holding them in except the seals, and those are just as shot as the bearings. It shouldn't take much to get them out, just whack them with a block of wood.

thanks man, i got that out. bearing was fried

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