Anyone doing the races May 6th at Dirty Foot.


Is anyone heading to Dirty Foot for the races May 6th? We need to support these guys. Everyone that I know that has ridden this track loves it.

They are looking for riders, and spectators for the 6th.

***Mods*** Dirty Foot is one of the very places we had to ride in Florida. Geno and crew at DFA are in need of support of our area to get there trails opened back up.

I got the following email about the race.

Come put some laps in with DFA!! Practice starts at 10am with 3 laps for every class and then we go right into racing. Laps for classes to be determined shortly. Fastest lap recorded is 2.04 minutes so a fairly big track (1.5 miles long and 40' wide). Track will be gro...omed and watered prior to practice, after practice as well as after the 1st moto.

Fees are-

$11 Gate for Racers

$20 Race Fee

$5 Spectators

Trophies will be awarded to 1st-3rd Place for each class

Classes can be found here- http://www.dirtyfoot...race-structure/ and will be modified based on entires

2 moto race

Point system to determine winner (lowest points win)

1st Place equals 1 point

2nd place equals 2 points etc

Add the points from 1st and 2nd moto to determine winner. If a tie in points who ever placed better in the 2nd moto wins

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