WR Reliability: a Data Point. What's Your Story?

This is good news to hear. I'm wanting a street legal WR450 as my next bike.

I'm digging all the good reports. I am fixing up a 2003 and plan on doing some big rides over the next few years (MI, CO, etc..) I didn't buy it thinking I was getting a race bike but rather a strong trail bike that could do it all for cheap and not make me wish for more like a XR 400 would have. Keep the stories coming!

Got an 08 which I bought new.

MODS: FMF slip-on, revalved suspension and fitted a hour meter.

Now has just under 10,000ks on it - all of it desert riding/racing in dusty conditions.

Only things that have gone wrong are water pump seal and countershaft seal.

Aside from that inlet/exhaust valves have hardly moved, runs like the day I bought it, and doesn't use an ounce of oil.

This is my second WR - had an 02 426 before this one - and will be getting another one when I find a reason to upgrade from this one - which is still going to be a way off.

Can't speak highly enough about these things - best off road bikes on two wheels.

And they can take physical punishment - I've thrown mine down a whooped out straight at about 80km/h no damage. I've dropped it crossing railway lines right on the radiator - no damage, though it did scratch one upper fork leg.

Maintenance: change oil every five hours when possible (been on a few weekend rides where we've done more than double that), clean air filter every ride and just the usuals re bearings, lubing chain etc.

PS: got a confession to make - I do pat it on the tank occasionally in the shed and tell it it's mean as piss, particularly after a race and a few beers - not sure if that's helped longevity:)

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I've not had my 2000 WR400 long, however the history goes like this...

3 previous owners, of which I know 2. The second one used it for some pretty serious Enduro, and the last was a semi-pro MX rider who used to throw it around Enduro and fields for a bit of fun. You'd expect it to be a wreck after being in their company. 12 years old, just over 5000 miles on the clock - which was disconnected when I got the bike, so it could be a fair few more.

It is completely stock, even the exhaust, and when I got it it came with a load of spares, including some plastics which varied from tatty but usable to destroyed.

I've given it a once over, and with the exception of some rather imaginitive bolt alternatives from previous mechanics (complete allen head bolt kit on order) everything seemed fine. So, I had a mechanic look over it. One who rides Enduro and MX himself and regularly works on these bikes. After a thorough check over he said the bike was well within it's tolerances, and his only recommendation was to change the breather pipes (as they were trashed), change the oil and filters, fork oil and consider changing or servicing the rear shock if I use it for anything serious in the future. Generally, nothing major wrong with it whatsoever, and even the rear shock is an "option" rather than a requirement.

Not bad for a 12 year old bike that's had 2 previous lunatic owners throwing it about.

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