Bling kit for '08 YZ450...will it fit my '08 WR450?

I am considering getting a "bling kit" for my new (to me) 2008 WR450. The closest thing I can find that is in red, which is my color of choice for these small parts, is listed as a fit for a 2008 yz450f. Do you see any problems with any of these parts fitting? I would assume that all parts were shared by both bikes, but here are the parts (link: Thanks in advance everyone!!!!

  • Pair of rim locks
  • Gas cap vent hose
  • Front brake res. cap
  • Rear brake cap
  • Pair axle blocks
  • 1 oil fill cap
  • Rotating bar clamp
  • 2 engine plugs

Every part should bolt right on as all parts in the kit are the same as the YZ.

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